Google Mobile Apps for iPhone

Google Mobile Apps for iPhone

Getting Started: Overview


  • The Google Mobile App for iPhone is a free application that gives you easy access to Google Mobile products and lets you quickly search your device or the web for whatever info you need.
  • You can get Google Search results just like on a computer by either entering a query or tapping ‘Search’, tapping the microphone and speaking your query.
  • You can also tap the camera icon and take a picture to query results. When you start typing a search query the Google Mobile App will give the following types of suggested results based on what you’ve entered (Google Goggles).
  • Use the my Location search option to see relevant business results near your current approximate location in Google Maps
    – Contacts on your device
    – Search history
    – Websites
  • You also get easy access to any of the free Google Mobile products available for iPhone and iPod touch devices by tapping the ‘Apps‘ tab on the homescreen. Select any product’s icon to quickly open it. See selection below of Google apps that can be downloaded.




Google Goggles, exciting new app!


Google Goggles lets you use pictures taken with your mobile phone to search the web. It’s available for iPhone 3GS and iPhone 4 devices through the Google Mobile App. What it does is it lets you take a picture of a logo, text or scenery and Google searches info about it automatically!. On iPhone devices, Google Goggles can be disabled at any time in the Google Mobile App under the Settings tab > Google Goggles.



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